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"Flower Power: The Strength of the Subtle Flower Essence" - Written By Sarah Outlaw (Co-Owner of 90210 Organics) For Natural Life 101.com

Flower Power: The Strength of the Subtle Flower Essence

By Sarah Outlaw

One of the lesser-known healing therapies in the mainstream U.S. is Flower Essences. The use of Flower Essences goes back centuries and was brought to the modern world in the 1930’s by a British doctor names Edward Bach. One of the most famous Flower Essences is Rescue Remedy or Five-Flower Formula. Most people who have used these remedies do not even realize that they are using Flower Essences. These powerful yet subtle herbal infusions definitely deserve some special attention.
Before we delve into what Flower Essences are and how they work, I want to share my personal experiences with these wonderful remedies. I used a few drops of Rescue Remedy under my tongue during labor because my babies’ births tend to be fast and furious. The result of taking the remedy was that I was very calm and was able to give birth virtually pain free. Because fast births can be very traumatic for a newborn, my midwife also used the Rescue Remedy on my baby shortly after birth.
Another situation in my life that called for Rescue Remedy was during my recent miscarriage. The loss came as a shock and I used the Flower Essence as I prepared for the surgery as I was having some panic issues about the procedure and anesthetic.
I also use the Flower Essence Aspen in a spray with a few essential oils in my children’s rooms before they go to sleep at night. It seems to calm them and they haven’t experienced nightmares or night terrors since adding this to our nighttime routine.
What are Flower Essences and how do they work? Flower Essences are homeopathic herbal infusions which means they are 100% safe and natural and do not interact with any other medications one may be taking. They are made from the flower part of a plant. No other part of the plant is used.  The flower is picked during the peak of its season and beauty and placed into a small bowl to float in filters or distilled water. It is then placed in
the morning sun for three hours where a process which is basically reverse photosynthesis occurs. The sun infuses the water with everything that was in the flower, which is its energy, or essence.
Flower essences work similar to the way a piece of art or certain types of music can affect a person. Think of a song that evokes such emotion from you that you never realized you felt until you heard it. Flower Essences stimulate like art or music and then help balance the emotions that come up. They help ease fears, soften emotional blocks and allow old or repressed traumas to surface and be dealt with. Though Flower Essences are indicated mostly for emotional issues, they can help physical issues as well because of the connection between emotional distress with physical ailments.
Flower Essences can be use for a myriad of emotional problems. When used during therapy they help speed up the process. They are used for women with a past of sexual abuse and have been used to cure fibroids or cysts that can sometimes be a result of sexual trauma. They are used with children who respond extraordinarily to them. It is thought that the Essences work so well with children because they are still open and receptive to
subtle influences and do not have all the ‘baggage’ and preconceived ideas that adults sometimes carry.
Essences can also be used to help prevent miscarriage, induce labor and help a mother get through a long labor. They have also benefited mothers dealing with post-partum emotional issues.
All Flower Essences can be taken either orally, used in a spray, cream or added to a bath. For small children and infants, there is really no need to give the Essence orally. Misting the bedroom or rubbing a few drops on the soles of the feel or wrists work affectively. Flower Essences can be purchased by the Stock Bottle either online or from a retailer and smaller Dosage Bottles can be made from that. **See Resources below.
While you can certainly self-diagnose by reading Flower Essence definitions either online or in a book, there are certified practitioners that can help you get the greatest benefit by determining which Flower Essence combination is best for you.
Flower Essences can be a wonderful addition to a regular herbal or homeopathic regimen. Because they are safe it can be fun to experiment with them. Everyone can benefit from Flower Essences so take some time to find out which ones are right for you and your family.

How to make your own Flower Essence:

What you will need:

1 oz dropper bottle
½ oz dropper bottle
1/4 oz dropper bottle
Small glass bowl
Purified or distilled water
A flower or flowers
*Brandy (used as a preservative)

Fill the glass bowl about ¾ full with the purified or distilled water
Pick your flower of choice without touching the blossom. Use a leaf from somewhere on the plant to grip just under the bloom. Place the flower in the bowl of water to float.
Place the bowl in the morning sun for three hours.
After three hours, fill the 1 oz bottle 1/3 of the way full with Brandy. Take the dropper and transfer the Flower Essence from the bowl to the bottle dropper-full by dropper-full. This bottle is called the “Mother Essence” because it is what is used to make smaller bottles called “Stock Bottles” and “Dosage Bottles”. If you have left-over Flower Essence in the bowl, you can drink some or use it to water the flowers it came from.

To Make a “Stock Bottle”:

Fill a ½ oz bottle 1/3 of the way full with Brandy, 2/3 purified or distilled water and five to ten drops of the Mother Essence.

To Make a “Dosage Bottle”:

Fill a 1/4 oz bottle with 1/3 Brandy, 2/3 water and five to seven drops of the Flower Essence from the Stock Bottle.  

*Apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin can also be used as a preservative.

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