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Kicking the Halloween Candy Crises - Written By Sarah Outlaw

Kicking the Halloween Candy Crises

by: Sarah Outlaw

Halloween can be a nightmare for the natural mom. How do you explain to a four year old that he can’t eat the candy he has collected? In my home it seems that my children start to get sick after Halloween. I attribute that to the candy that they eat followed by sweets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hear moms say all the time that they wish there were
alternatives to the massive amounts of sugary candy for Halloween. There are alternatives and we are going to take a closer look at some that will help you have a healthier Halloween.

One of my favorite indulgences is chocolate so when the company Endangered Species came out with Halloween candy, I was thrilled. I picked up a few bags at my local health food store and was able to try a sample. It is delicious, fair trade, organic chocolate and is the perfect size for Halloween. It comes in dark or milk chocolate. It is not as sweet
as regular chocolate candy but it is a delight.

Other brands of not-as-bad-for-you candy include: Yummy Earth, Jewels of Denial, Squirrels Nest, Pure Fun, Divvies, Dolphin Natural Chocolate, Simons Candy Co., Sunspire, Crispy Cat candy bars, and Glee Gum. These alternatives do contain sugar but most do not contain as much as traditional candy and none have the artificial flavors and colors. You can purchase these online or check your local health food store.

If you would rather not hand out candy this year then there are other options. You can buy very inexpensive trinkets from your favorite store. Kids love little rings, yo-yos, tops, stickers, mini decks of cards, and fake spiders and may not lament the fact that they have a few less pieces of candy this year. Since I prefer not to give out plastic, this option doesn't work for me. You could also give out pencils but I would suggest going green and finding some that are from sustainable wood.  Treehugger.com has listings for where you can purchase these.

If your children go out for Halloween and collect gobs of candy, try bartering it by offering alternatives. You can even “buy” their candy from them and give them a toy or something they fancy in return. You don’t have to give in to the Halloween hype and let them get sick from junk candy. Have fun, be creative, and be safe.

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